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Almost 1000 animals admitted in 2023

Over the past years, the Mandurah Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has witnessed a steady rise in the admission of sick or injured native wildlife. This surge reflects the ongoing challenges faced by our wildlife, stemming from habitat loss and the common struggles of being orphaned, injured, or falling ill.

Our volunteers have been persistently working through tough conditions such as blazing summers, power outages, and a decreasing number of helping hands. We extend our sincerest gratitude to each and every volunteer for their unwavering commitment.

The Mandurah Wildlife Centre fielded over 1000 phone calls from concerned members of the public this year, seeking guidance and information on various animals they thought were in distress. This service stands as an invaluable resource, not just offering immediate assistance but also serving as a vital educational tool.

Many people are unaware that they can take injured wildlife to a vet without incurring charges, and our guidance helps spread this knowledge.

Young Frogmouth awaiting its parents return with food.

Another important lesson is to realize that young birds are often left alone while their parents go off foraging for food.  Patience and observation will be rewarded when you see the parents return to feed their young. 

These interactions not only aid in the welfare of wildlife but also empower the community with essential knowledge on how to assist and coexist harmoniously with our native animals.

The continuous support from our volunteers and the public underscores the importance of our mission, and we look forward to further collaborations in safeguarding and nurturing our precious wildlife.


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Help us treat and release all wounded and sick animals that are brought to our Intensive Care every day.

A monthly $5 donation goes a long way towards the rehabilitation of little creatures like "Spunk the Dove".


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We are always in need of more volunteers, to take care of the animals, to assist the fundraising team and many other tasks.


Is this something for you? Then please let us know you are interested, by filling out our volunteer form. 

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