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Annual Fundraising Report

A new Fundraising Team took charge in January, run by Trish and Priscilla. adjusting their focus due to shifts in the economy. They'll mostly join larger events like the Serpentine/Jarrahdale Festival, Mandurah Duck Race, Waroona Car Show, and others, promoting environmental awareness, offering advice on wildlife, educational materials, and selling donated goods.

The team is planning to set up their stall in shopping centres or partnering with stores like Bunnings for promotions. Collaborations with organizations like Rotary Raffle and Bendigo Bank Raffle have proven very successful this year. They're also actively engaging in community events to gain support and source sponsors.

In May, they hosted a morning tea for volunteers during Volunteer Week. Local dignitaries attended, and it raised nearly $900 from plant and artwork sales.

Future plans involve expanding social media presence, launching podcasts, organizing social events, and collaborating with clubs for fundraising events. Their goals include registering for community funding programs, initiating promotional activities like their partnership with Seven Trees Café/Roastery, and continuing efforts to ensure Mandurah Wildlife's funding while raising awareness of wildlife issues.

In 2024 they will organise the first wildlife Gala in Mandurah, which is expected to be visited by many local businesses and stakeholders. A silent auction and other fundraising activities will be organised to bring in the hard needed funds to run the Centre.

Fundraising Team Mandurah Wildlife

Priscilla Roderick and Trish Harris

08 9582 3938


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Help us treat and release all wounded and sick animals that are brought to our Intensive Care every day.

A monthly $10 donation goes a long way towards the rehabilitation of little creatures like "Spunk the Dove".


We need your help!

We are always in need of more volunteers, to take care of the animals, to assist the fundraising team and many other tasks.


Is this something for you? Then please let us know you are interested, by filling out our volunteer form. 

Hope to see you soon!

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