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May Day Op shop

Mandurah Wildlife Centre - May Day Op Shop

The Mayday Op shop is one of Mandurah Wildlife's staunchest supporters. Their generosity helps tremendously towards funding many operational aspects of our centre. Recently we also received specific support which has enabled us to order a purpose built enclosure for possums. 

Over summer possums are affected greatly by the extreme heat which causes dehydration. 

If crossing a hot tin roof they will often burn their paws which causes significant problems and a definite need for delicate care in a safe place.  This often coincides with when the females have youngsters which are still dependent on their mothers.

Further to the support for the possum enclosure, we were thrilled to receive yet another generous donation from Mayday, just in time for Christmas. Our heartfelt thanks to all at Mayday for their continued support. 


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Help us treat and release all wounded and sick animals that are brought to our Intensive Care every day.

A monthly $5 donation goes a long way towards the rehabilitation of little creatures like "Spunk the Dove".


We need your help!

We are always in need of more volunteers, to take care of the animals, to assist the fundraising team and many other tasks.


Is this something for you? Then please let us know you are interested, by filling out our volunteer form. 

Hope to see you soon!

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