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Search for a new Hospital location

As many of you already know, the Mandurah Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is planning to move to a new location. The current location is in a critical bush fire zone and when a bush fire would be likely, the only option would be to evacuate all the animals immediately. This is very distressing for the animals, and depending on where the fire has

started could be dangerous for the volunteers evacuating the animals.

The Centre operates under a peppercorn lease, lacking a defined duration for our stay. This puts us under constant threat of eviction. If that were to happen, then the Centre would need to shut down for months, while we scramble to secure a new location and set it up for animal admissions. This insecure situation also means that grants can only be secured for items that could be taken to a new site which means that renovations to our existing building are impossible to fund. 

The board has been searching for a new location, with several organisations like the City of Mandurah, Robyn Clarke and the Peel development Commission assisting us in different ways. A feasibility study is in the making, which includes a budget to rebuild the Centre elsewhere with a new exhibition building, and a plan to move all aviaries during a winter period. We are negotiating with grant makers to obtain the funds for this relocation.

We will keep you up to date of our progress in the coming newsletters.


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