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Search for new Coordinators

We have started a reorganisation of the positions in the Centre, to increase

training options for our volunteers, education sessions for the public and a more efficient running of the shifts that will ease the burden the supervisors are struggling with at the moment.

This means we are searching to fill the following new positions:

·       Hospital manager

·       Training Coordinator

Increased Training Program

During 2024 we will set up training schedule that all volunteers can follow if they wish to do so. Professional trainers and vets and representatives from other organisations like Peel Marsupial Care will be invited to deliver regular training sessions that all volunteers can attend.

A career path will be determined for supervisors, so that volunteers who aspire to become a supervisor will know exactly which training sessions they need to attend, and which and knowledge they need to acquire, to become a supervisor.

All training is on a voluntary basis and so is the potential promotion to supervisor. The idea is that all volunteers have the ability to gain knowledge to fulfil those tasks they love to do at the Centre.

New Hospital Manager

Our first priority is to appoint a new Hospital Manager. This will be a part-time role, potentially paid for by a grant, and the candidate would have the knowledge of a Vet nurse. The hospital manager will take care of admission and triage, coordination with the supervisors and communication with the public.

An advertisement will be placed in several publications soon, with the precise tasks, knowledge and other requirements for this position.

Anybody interested in the role, should contact Jerry Hoekman at email:



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