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Alcoa Busy Bees 2023

Since 2008, Alcoa has stood strong as a vital financial supporter of the Mandurah Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, and last year kicked off a fresh three-year partnership that ensures our operational capability. Our continued success depends on this enduring aid.

Alcoa's contributions cover various critical needs, like purchasing animal feed and covering vet bills. As grants don't cover these essentials, this financial backing significantly fuels the care and treatment of our animal patients.

Beyond financial aid, Alcoa actively backs volunteer efforts, a core element of our lasting partnership. In the last few months alone, four energetic "Busy Bees" days with spirited volunteer teams from Alcoa, have improved the infrastructure of the Wildlife Centre:

Fire Season Preparation

A dedicated team of 12 took charge of prepping for fire season, conducting a thorough clean up to bolster our preparedness.

New Aviaries

Another hardworking group of 14 dismantled an aging aviary, paving the way for a new tawny frogmouth flight aviary.

New Paths

Notably, infrastructure upgrades, like building paths between aviaries and streamlining access, have been transformative.

Snake proof Fencing

Safety measures were enhanced with snake-proof wiring, ensuring the well-being of both our animals and the dedicated volunteers.

These collective efforts have significantly strengthened our ability to fulfil our mission with efficiency and care.


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Help us treat and release all wounded and sick animals that are brought to our Intensive Care every day.

A monthly $5 donation goes a long way towards the rehabilitation of little creatures like "Spunk the Dove".


We need your help!

We are always in need of more volunteers, to take care of the animals, to assist the fundraising team and many other tasks.


Is this something for you? Then please let us know you are interested, by filling out our volunteer form. 

Hope to see you soon!

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